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History and administration


Le platier The Platier d'Oye is a natural wetland. In the 18th century, banks of sand were deposited in front of the Taaf dyke. The construction of a dyke in 1925 prevented the sea from penetrating behind these banks. The Platier d'Oye has a mixture of white and grey dunes together with shrubs.
During the second world war, the germans built a series of pillboxes in front of the sea "le mur de l'atlantique", anti-tank walls. The leaning tower is a simulation of the church tower.
In 1970, a plan was put forward for the construction of 1000 houses to be built on the site, however, only 150 were built. There are called "les Ecardines".
In 1979, the ground was acquired by the "Conservatoire du Littoral", a public body established by the French government in July 1975, with the remit of ensuring the protection of outstanding natural areas of coastal and inland wetland habitats.
The Platier d'Oye (a nature reserve since july 7th, 1987) has been under the administration of EDEN62 with two security guards maintaining both the site and the safety of the reserve.

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