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How to limit the erosion of the dunes.

The beach Erosion of the dunes have caused the movement of the pill-boxes, which were originally on the dunes.

Wooden posts were erected along the edge of the shore in front of "les Ecardines" housing estate to limit the erosion of the dunes. They break the force of the waves and in time new dunes appear.
Other posts have also been erected in « la baie de l'abri cotier» for the breeding of mussel beds.

Razors shellOn the beach, one can find many different sorts of shells (cockle, variegated scallop, razor shell...) and gasteropods (whelk, dogwhelk, necklace shell)... together with cuttlefish and the eggs of both ray and monk-fish.



Highland cattle and ponies.

poniesSince 1987, Scottish highland cattle together with ponies have grazed on the wetlands in order to keep down the grass. This allows many wild flowers to be seen as well as the nesting of lapwings.
The natural reserve "le Platier d'Oye" is twinned with two european reserves : Zwanenwater to the north of Amsterdam and Titchwell in Great-Britain (Norfolk).
Nature guides from Oye-Plage and two kentish towns Capel-le-Ferne ( twinned with Oye-Plage) and Sandwich Bay keep in touch and meet to discuss about the reserves.
The Association of the Nature Guides of the Platier d'Oye was formed in 1984 and the public is offered the opportunity to visit the different reserves of the region. The guides also organise the clearing of the beach during the first week-end in spring time.